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Breaking And Entering

"After a pair of self-titled EPs, Milwaukee band Genau are stepping forward with their third release today, with “Too Much”. If you’re a fan of the foundations of what we now know as alternative music, Genau is your band. With the influence of bands like The Cure and Bauhaus, the band’s sound carries some retro feel to it, but in much more of a nostalgic tribute than a mere copycat feel. By the midway point of “Phaser”, you’ll realize that Genau have their sound locked in, complete with echoing snare drums and dark-feeling tones. Closer “Spinning Caroline” is also a track that feels like it could have lived on any record from the mid-to-late 80’s and blended in perfectly. Genau is a simply a pleasant surprise the first time you hear them..." ( Alan Halas)

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