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The songs here are icy, melancholic, and grim like they’re playing on an iceberg in the midnight Arctic tundra. Genau outdo themselves with terrific use of texture and reverb here; they are certainly a fixture to know in the Milwaukee indie scene.-Breaking and

01 Flowers
seven days
Not My House
New Goth

"New Goth has a lilting, dream-pop feel that has some truly wonderful moments. The track has an understated quality that comes from being extremely confident about making musical arrangement and production decisions . There are few surprising and delightful chord changes that give the track a very distinctive character as well as the standout baseline that brings additional depth and musicality. The guitar lines and vocals are sophisticated, cool and considered. This is class". Pete-Rule of Three Issue# 019

Gothic post-punk duo Genau released their first EP in three years last week. It’s four tunes of cold, shadowy rock that shimmers at many different speeds; ....With electronic rhythm behind their distorted cacophony, Genau create ethereal darkness with “Flowers.” -by bslowbro Breaking and March, 21, 2023

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